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Irish Lace, Lace, Renaissance Lace

Today I decided to write about a subject that intrigues many brides and people interested in party dresses with handmade lace such as the renaissance lace. How to make it?! I understand this problem very well because I experienced the same anxiety at the beginning of my career. The fact is that even highly experienced professionals in fashion design and haute couture may not have experience with renaissance lace (the best known of Brazilian craft lace). There are also professionals who have worked with craft lace, but did not like theSEE DETAILS

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Irish Lace, Lace

Today I will introduce you to another great passion of our atelier, the Irish lace! This magnificent art, also known by some as English lace, is a variety of needle lace and its history and process of creation are very similar to those of the Renaissance lace. The Irish lace, however, has peculiarities that distinguish it and that catch our attention.The tradition of the Irish lace, like other artisan traditions, was brought to Brazil in the colonial period and spread throughout the interior of the territory as the work ofSEE DETAILS

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Lace, Renaissance Lace

I decided to inaugurate my blog with a text about the traditional Brazilian renaissance lace and on some other details about the work I develop. I hope the information captivates you and raises interest in this special kind of lace, which is at once delicate, precious as well as strong and resistant.In the middle of the 16th century, in northern Italy, especially around the commercial area of ​​Venice, lace became  a distinguished luxury product, and the lace known today as the “renaissance lace” was probably imported, modified and commercialized bySEE DETAILS

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